Finding cruelty-free products almost anywhere…..

I walked in Duane Reade to get something I needed and then went to the second floor to check out the beauty products. I found John Frieda blow spray on sale for $2.45, sadly they were bought by KAO which continues to test on animals so I skipped that. It hurt because I was a fan of JF products for a while.

I did find something on sale tho, an Ogx spray half off and it smelled so good.



As I walked around the Duane Reade in midtown, I stopped to look a the Balm cosmetics (who are cruelty-free) unfortunately nothing was on sale so I skipped that, but the makeup was nice. I like how it looks so vintage with pinup dolls.

I’ll get some of their products eventually…



For All Hair and Skin Types

This is what I like about beauty, you will find cruelty free products for all skin and hair types whether it’s sensitive, dry, or whatever, but are cruelty free.

Here are some of my faves:




Nubian Heritage‘s  Honey & Black Seed is the best product you can find, not only does it have a great seducing scent but it softens your skin



Razac has a great scent with perfect shine


Shea Moisture‘s Raw Shea Butter helps damaged hair

Too Faced gone Two faced

Kat Von D and founder of Too Faced have partnered up to release a palette this month after Christmas, December 26.

Recently the brand Too Faced was purchased by Estée Lauder who continue to test on animals by selling their products in China, since it is illegal to sell products without being tested on animals.

Too Faced still stand by their word in remaining cruelty free even though the parent company continue to test on animals. Perhaps if consumers continue to purchase cruelty free products then maybe Estée Lauder will follow in refusing to sell in China. Then yet if we continue to buy Too Face well Estée Lauder will still make profit out of the brand.

Kat Von D makeup will remain vegan and cruelty free but that’s another brand itself.

I don’t know about you but I will refuse to purchase from Too Face..