Tjmaxx Finds

I’m so amazed at the makeup you can easily find at TJMAXX.

In my recent trip, I found something I never thought I’d find… KVD beauty products! Although KVD has a sale on their site as well as on, this by far is the cheapest by a few dollars which means you only pay for tax and no shipping. How amazing is that?!?! The Shade+Light eye palette is listed for $15 on while I purchased one here for $9.99… amazing right? KVD beauty product sold out pretty fast especially the lipsticks so I was bummed I didn’t find any left.

Get them at a TJMAXX near you while they last. An absolute great find.


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  1. Omg what a treasure to find at TJMaxx!!! Jealous. I’ve found ELF, BH Cosmetics and The Balm at Burlington Coat F, Ross, etc. but if I found this I’d literally jump for joy ❤️

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  2. Oh man I was so happy I found these. I actually found the Shade and Light contour brush at another TJ Maxx.


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