I’m every woman, it’s all in me…” Chaka Khan’s lyrics read

The great part about being a woman? Everything! From getting your hair, nails, makeup done.

During a week of CVS Epic Beauty Event, a Caboodle retro makeup organizer caught my eye and I needed to have it immediately. It was half price so definitely a must have. It felt like I was going back in time just by holding this makeup box.

Here’s a little background on how this box came to be:

It was inspired by a male dominated tackle box made into a necessity box as a makeup organizer. In 1987, a photo of “Wheel of Fortune” co-host Vanna White was surfaced using a Plano® fishing tackle box to stow and organize her makeup collection. It innovated an idea at the Plano Molding Company launching a Caboodles in 1987 with the snazzy On-The-Go Girl™ Caboodle kit molded from the same functional designs of a tackle box.

“I did not know I was the one who started the Caboodle. I feel very good about being the inspiration behind the Caboodle because many years before that I went fishing with my dad every weekend, and of course he had a tackle box,” says White.

Photo of Vanna White seen here with her tackle box

“I am such an organized person and it was the perfect box to organize all of my makeup,” she said.

Caboodles offers a wide variety of everything from classic cases to bags & totes where you can store hair and makeup products. Caboodles hopes the brand will empower a new generation of women. They remain great options for anyone looking to organize their favorite hair and beauty products or for those looking to add to their retro collectibles.

Vanna White holding an updated Caboodle box

Caboodle box at CVS
The inside of Caboodle box
Assorted items inside my Caboodle box

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Sela Vera is a makeup and beauty enthusiast who only uses cruelty-free products. She has a degree in Business Administration, Communications and a minor in Journalism. After doing research on how animals are treated for food, product testing, cosmetics, clothing, entertainment, etc... she decided to take action and stand up for animals by becoming a cruelty-free, animal advocate and sharing its benefits with the world. "It feels good knowing I do not condone in animal cruelty by choosing to go vegan. For our planet and the innocent animals killed every day. I hope this blog will help consumers understand and be more aware about the products they use." ~SelaVera

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