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Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to my followers, readers and supporters. I love blogging and educating people about the benefits of living a cruelty-free lifestyle. The future is bright for animals. I believe it deep in my heart. The more people go cruelty-free, the better chances there are that companies will follow. Be safe, stay healthy. 🧡🍁

When Aunty Flow Comes To Town

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I’m not a Dr but after doing some research, I found ways you can suppress your period. One of the reasons many women don’t try period suppression is because they are accustomed to believe that a monthly period is necessary for good health. In the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals survey, 89 percent of women said they worried that there might be long-term health effects, and 66 percent said that period suppression just didn’t feel natural. 

Researchers believe fewer periods can help improve quality of life for women especially those in military or athletes. 

If you don’t struggle with heavy flows, lucky you. One out of five women suffer from heavy flows, also known as menorrhagia (meh·nr·ei·jee·uh).

The average menstrual cycle is about 28 days, and the actual period part ranges from 2 to 7 days. A period that lasts longer than five to seven days is considered prolonged menstrual bleeding. The total amount of blood lost during one period is usually about 60 milliliters (around 2.7 ounces). On average, a woman can generally lose up to around 16 teaspoons of blood (normally a lot less) during their cycle. It might seem and look like a lot but it’s not. 

Shortening your period with natural cruelty-free menstrual products/ methods: 

Periods can be a monthly inconvenience and interfere with your daily or future plans. It is believed that natural pads help shorten periods as opposed to commercial brand pads and tampons. There is no evidence that proves this, but some methods can increase the speed at which the menstrual blood leaves the uterus, which may shorten the period.

It’s no secret hormonal birth control such as the pill, implant, progestin shot and IUD is a way to prevent your period flow. Doctors refer to this as “menstrual suppression.” However, certain methods may work for some people. 

Birth Control pills allow you to skip your period altogether with continuous cycling (starting a new pack of birth control instead of taking placebo pills in the 4th week). The traditional OCP is taken for 21 days, followed by 7 days of placebo pills. It is important to know that all prescription medications in the United States are tested on animals as required by the Food and Drug Administration. Also know that there is currently no oral contraceptive available that doesn’t contain lactose, the hormones they contain are often from animal products. Many types of hormonal birth control contain estrogen, which is known to increase the risk of developing blood clots. Please consult your doctor before considering this option. 

Tampons might be a convenience and help soak up blood but they are not as good as you may think. It can block menstrual flow from the vagina which can make your period last longer. There’s also the risk of getting TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). Not only are tampons bad for the environment but believe it or not, they are tested on animals.  

Avoid tampons and use menstrual pads instead, not just any pads try using natural chloride free pads.

Organic pads are more breathable due to the absorbent cellulose core and soft organic cotton cover to lock away menstrual fluid, compared to ones made with synthetic fibers that contain plastic content which can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions. 

Pads that are made with synthetic fibers contains only a small percentage of cotton, and some of them contain no cotton at all. Pads from common brands use fabrics to imitate the texture of cotton and are often perforated (pierced with holes) to help absorb flow a little faster than organic pads. You can notice the difference in the texture between a common brand pad and an organic cotton pad.  

When using commercial or generic brand pads, I feel the need to change them as often as opposed to organic pads. During my last period I tried organic pads* throughout the whole cycle to see if it helps the flow end faster. My cycle didn’t last longer than 5 days. 

*I tried CVS brand organic cotton with buy one get one 50% off offer and Organyc using 40% off coupon, that’s about $5 worth of savings. 

A good hormone-free alternative is to try to eat a healthy, balanced diet packed with lots of fruits and vegetables. 

Exercise helps lighten your menstrual flow, and it’s also useful for reducing water retention, bloating and cramps. The movement of the muscles during exercise may also help more uterine blood exit the body, potentially reducing the duration of a period. It also reduces stress, and even alleviates mood, because of the release of ‘happy hormones’ called endorphins.

Vitamin C may help reduce your progesterone (prow-jeh-str-own) levels which, help break down your uterine lining more quickly – shortening your period. It effectively lowers the heavy bleeding from the uterus during periods. This is caused due to the anti-estrogenic properties in vitamin C. 

Raspberry Leaf is said to help ease heavy menstrual bleeding while improving egg quality. It contains something called fragarine, an alkaloid found in raspberries, which is known to help tone and tighten muscles in the pelvic region (helps relieve cramps) preventing hemorrhage due to its high iron content and astringent qualities. The tea is also high in tannins (a naturally occurring chemical found in wine) which is believed to strengthen the uterus and reduce heavy and irregular bleeding during your cycle. 

I recommend you try a hot cup of Stash Wild Raspberry Hibiscus Herbal Tea. I drank it on my first day of period and it prevented cramps (this is based on my experience only).

Climaxing is yet another form of a natural pain-reliever and can help keep cramps away. 

So, anything that can get the uterus to exit blood faster is probably going to speed the process along. Sex or masturbation that leads to orgasm can stimulate contractions in the uterus, which may result in more menstrual blood leaving the body through the vagina. Having an orgasm releases ‘feel-good’ hormone like oxytocin and dopamine that help ease pain like menstrual cramps.

According to medical doctor, Dee Fenner of Michigan Medicine Von Voigtlander Women’s Clinic at the University of Michigan, having sex on your period can come handy when rushing aunty flow to end by causing contractions in your uterus that occur when you orgasm, which then helps your menstrual flow by squeezing out more blood. “Although no studies have been done on this, it’s likely that menstrual blood in the uterus is squeezed out during orgasm,” says Dr. Fenner. While there is no evidence that proves this a fact, it is worth a try.

Heating pads placed on your stomach help make the blood flow from your body. The faster all of that blood flows, the sooner your period will be over.

Magnesium is believed to help create an incline in estrogen so when you increase your intake, it can make your period end sooner. It can also help reduce the amount of blood you lose during your period. To get more magnesium eat dark chocolate, oats, pumpkin and watermelon.

There you have it, some methods to help shorten your period when aunty flow decides to pay a visit.

Roots to My Cruelty-Free Lifestyle

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It’s been a month since I’ve shared a new post with you. Now I know this blog is intended for beauty products but I wanted to share the root as to why I became cruelty-free in the first place.

The past months have been very difficult ones especially last month. I was focusing on my little pumpkin, my dog, who passed away from cancer. He passed away three days before his birthday since the cancer had spread rapidly. You’re probably wondering what does my dog have to do with my cruelty-free lifestyle or you might have already guessed he’s the reason I went cruelty-free. As a teenager, I would use products carelessly not knowing if an animal had to suffer or die to have those products made. Products like Garnier Fructis or Herbal Essences. Those commercials made it seem like a shampoo can do more than make your hair smell good. My young self thought that if it were featured on tv then it must be helluva good product. Well, mainly because my mom purchased the products first and so I’d use them out of curiosity but before using P&G or Garnier products I started with L’oreal for kids. Such a fun deceiving packaging that attracted a child’s attention when shopping at the shampoo isle with mom. Our young minds are not aware of this kind of information if we are not educated on it first.

The unfortunate reality is that to have a product sold in the market it must first be approved by FDA after passing safety tests. Here is a graph of the process cycle based on my own market research.

After I got my dog, so many thoughts and questions came to mind. I slowly started educating myself on animal rights and that’s when my passion was born. I’d stare at my pup and wondered if dogs out there are loved the way he was. It became obvious to me that animals have feelings after hearing his cries, barks or growls as a way of communicating with me. As I continued my research, I learned more about animals being used for experiments, food, clothing, entertainment and such. Disgusted and enraged with the fact that companies pay to have their products tested before a consumer uses it. I began to look at every product in my household (including my dog’s stuff) to see if the back of the label had “Not Tested on Animals” printed on it. Well, well, well, to my surprise Herbal Essences did not have that printed and so I was in the search for a new product and found V05 for my hair and St.Ives* for my face. My aunt was selling Avon and decided to give it a try after learning they are also cruelty free. I was hooked on the shower gels and shampoos/conditioners that I couldn’t believe how quickly I had replaced a product that continues to torture animals, to a product that not only worked but was cruelty free.

I credit my dog for making me the person I am today. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have been vegan and cruelty-free. He helped open my mind into learning more about other living beings. It took strength and tears to write this post after reminiscing memorable moments with my pumpkin.

Every year, an estimate of 115 million animals are tested on, let alone 1.5 million animals are tested on cosmetics.

*St. Ives (no longer cruelty free) is now owed by Unilever, a company who continues to perform animal testing on it’s products.

It’s National Lipstick Day

Many online retailers are celebrating with some good sales in honor of National Lipstick Day like Ulta BOGO offer such as this one, a favorite from Smashbox.

Stepping Out

Ulta offers, the ones marked as X are not cruelty- free.

Sephora is having 50% off selected lip products. Keep in mind, not all on sale are cruelty-free.

$9.99 in Amazon

Sephora To Stop Selling Mink Lashes

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Cruelty-free beauty consumers can finally celebrate some good news this year. Sephora has just vowed to stop selling mink lashes both online and in-store. After receiving some pressure from PETA to end the sale of mink lashes, Sephora has decided to phase mink lashes out of its stock.

PETA shared the great news on their Instagram page with the following statement: “After a powerful PETA campaign and more than 280,000 emails from concerned shoppers like you, Sephora has BANNED fur eyelashes! The world’s leading beauty retailer will only purchase synthetic or faux-fur lashes going forward.”⁣

PETA’s campaign also included a video of a fur farm highlighting the horrors minks endure for false lashes.

“As we pointed out in our letters to Sephora, mink fur typically comes from fur farms, which are often laden with maggots, feces, and dead animals (along with COVID-19 now, too). PETA’s undercover investigations have revealed that on these hellish, filthy farms, stressed minks frantically pace and circle endlessly inside small wire cages—during one eyewitness exposé, a mink even chewed through a cage until her face was bloody.” a statement from PETA reads.

Sephora confirms its remaining stock mink lashes will be the last it ever carries. “At Sephora, we have always been committed to upholding the highest standards of beauty, and we take our responsibility to communicate transparently and honestly with our clients about the products we carry seriously,” the statement reads. “As we shared with PETA, earlier this year we had already decided to begin phasing mink products out of our assortment in 2020. We have only ever offered products our clients can trust and we stand by the people and partners who have made the Sephora experience what it is today.”

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You can also read a past blog post on mink lashes published a few months ago.

National Sunscreen Day

Now that the weather is getting warmer and theres more exposure to the sun, you are probably wondering what type of sunscreen is best for you. Here is something you should know, there are two types of sunscreens, mineral and chemical, and they do not work the same.

Mineral sunscreen which reflects rays is generally thought to be safer for both humans and the environment, the only downside to it is it might leave a white cast on the skin within application. The active ingredients in mineral sunscreen include zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

Chemical sunscreen includes a various list of ingredients that may prove to be harmful to both humans and the planet. Chemical ingredients absorb rays instead of deflecting them but does not last long after application. The two of the most common harmful sunscreen ingredients is oxybenzone and octinoxate, which are known to be toxic for corals. We need the oceans reefs for coastal protection, food, ocean habitats, medicine, and much more. According to experts, there’s an estimate that 90% of all reefs will be dead by 2050, and sunscreen could play a huge part of that problem on top of climate change.

You can start making an impact by avoiding the purchase of chemical ingredient sunscreen. Popular brands often formulate the sunscreen in a more marketable way to make them sellable in an effort to make sunscreen that people will actually wear. One study found oxybenzone, more known as Benzophenone-3 (BP-3) is an emerging contaminant of concern in marine environment which has a toxic effect on coral and is a cause of environmental contamination in Hawaii and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Hawaii has banned the sale of oxybenzone and octinoxate. Key West in Florida and the island nation of Palau have followed, and more states, especially California, are likely soon to ban the sale of oxybenzone and octinoxate as well.

There’s a whole list of chemicals in commercial products that are questionable. For that reason, the European Union has banned over 1,400 chemicals from cosmetics due to safety concerns, while the U.S. has only banned about 30. Although nothing is as dangerous as avoiding the use of sunscreen to prevent the steadily rise of melanoma skin cancer. You decide!

While there may not be many affordable mineral based sunscreens out there, you can find ways to save while using better quality products that are not only good for you but for our environment.

–>Here’s a tip, you can get a mineral based sunscreen at a local CVS using ExtraCare coupons. I purchased a Bare Republic sunscreen for 40% off so I basically got it at half price, $8.99 (reg $14.99)

You can also check out Ulta, they often have coupons available at their site or catalogs as well as a whole list of sunscreens available.

Make sure to check out past blog post on sunscreen.

New elf x Jkissa Collection

e.l.f collaborates again, this time with Jkissa.

New elf x Jkissa Collaboration Launching Dates:

Early access May 25th on elf’s site for beauty squad members only

May 27th for everyone 

May 29th Ulta Online Only

May 31st Ulta stores 

This limited edition collection is vegan and cruelty free.

To The Rescue Palette features 18 shades for $20 
Tsuki To My Heart Eyeshadow Duo $12
Furever Brush Set features 6 brushes $25

For every photo posted in June 2020 on Instagram w/ hashtag #eyeslipsfacepaws, e.l.f cosmetics will donate $1 (up to$25,000) to Angel City Pit Bulls (ACPB), Los Angeles based non-profit organization dedicated to creating a better future for pit bulls through education, public advocacy, adoptions, and owner support. To donate click here

Flesh at Ulta

Flesh is a cruelty free cosmetic brand. Their products are not tested on animals nor sold in countries where animal testing is required.

Award winning Pure Flesh Liquid Foundation is on sale at Ulta for $8 ($32.00), that’s right $8!!! a few shades remain so get yours while they last. This foundation is suitable for all skin types from dry to oily. It’s infused with aloe vera to soothe and hydrate skin; glycerin, squalane and sodium hyluronat to help skin feel smooth and moisturized, and pomegranate extract for soft, lightweight texture and a velvety finish.

I purchased a few, can’t go wrong with that amazing price.

There’s also other items available at a great price. They are going fast.

Meet Flesh: as personal as a fingerprint, as intimate as your flesh. To us, inclusivity informs everything we do. It lives in our soul. We want people to find themselves in ways that are right for their flesh, personally, intimately. That’s why we make nudes in every shade of nude, but we also punctuate this fleshy world with vivid color, shimmer, cool new textures, and everything you could want for style and self-expression. Because we believe that beauty is about how you imagine yourself and how you bring that vision to life. It’s some kind of magic.

Hand Sanitizer

Pro Sanitize Hand Sanitizer – 8oz Bottle

A friend of mine found this hand sanitizer in 7-Eleven for $6. I decided why not give it a try. I must say, if you use an excess amount it may cause hands to feel sticky. My hands are very sensitive and using this dries them out even more, although right now it is not the time to be picky when it comes to hand sanitizers.

Pro Sanitize cruelty-free Hand Sanitizer is formulated to kill most common germs that cause illness. All necessary measures have been followed for the product to comply with PETA and FDA guidelines. Pro Sanitize promotes clean and healthy hygiene for you and your family, literally at your fingertips.

Pro Sanitize premium 8oz Hand Sanitizer gel helps stop germs in their tracks.

– Formulated & Made with Care in Gardena, California, USA.

– Waterless Hand Sanitizer Gel

– Active Ingredient: 70% Ethyl Alcohol – Helps Kill Germs