Earth Day 2022

As another annual Earth Day is here, it is essential to know how much we are destroying Mother Earth with unnatural habits in our daily lives. 

Whether polluting our Earth with air, land, water, and farming, our Earth is suffering and will continue to suffer if we don’t make a change. 

Due to overpopulation, the waste we create has become unmanageable. More and more trees are being cut down to build more housing and grow food. Factory farming has excessively increased due to the consumption of fish and meat, the most significant methane emissions in the world. Let’s not forget that carbon emissions have increased, causing climate change. Remember, it had decreased during the pandemic while most of the population was in quarantine since no cars were on the road. 

It’s no wonder wealthy elites are now seeking ways to travel to space. We went from natural disasters to a pandemic and now war. Our Earth can’t seem to get a break.  

Humans have caused so much damage to our Earth for decades. Many species are now dying out at an alarming rate due to humans, and over 1,000 species have gone extinct.

Plastic is a continuously controversial issue yet needed for consumer products. Plastic is dumped in the ocean, where sharks, whales, sea turtles, and other sea animals die from consuming toxic waste. Poor countries around the globe are dealing with waste in their rivers, causing them to lose their water source. About eight million tons of plastic, including those from cosmetics, are dumped into our oceans every year.

However, it’s not just plastic that’s the problem with the beauty industry, but various other items included in beauty products. Microscopic plastic beads or microbeads, fragments, and fibers are causing damage to the rivers, which is one of the reasons why the UK has banned microbeads in beauty and personal care products– not to mention the most prolonged toxic obsession in beauty products: glitter! 

The best way to help protect our environment is to switch to eco-friendly, reusable, sustainable products. 

-Bamboo products such as shavers, makeup brushes, 

-Products made from recycled plastic and packaging  

-Composable products 

-Refillable products 

-Brands that use renewable energy 

-and my favorite, No Animal-Tested/ Cruelty-Free products or products with no Animal-Derived Ingredients

Let’s not forget, the most significant action is to recycle, recycle, recycle!

Earth Friendly products

Some natural earth friendly products that will get you feeling good and clean while saving the planet by using the purest ingredients just in time for Earth Day on April 22, 2021. The best part of it all, they’re all cruelty-free!!!!

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